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Forum for radio controlled vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Home to the south east (Kent) detlin Rc truck meets. Tamiya trucks robbe and dammitz alike

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    Rules & Guidelines

    Post  CYANIDE STEVE on Tue May 10, 2011 9:44 pm

    This forum is for Radio controlled vehicle enthusiasts to talk about their Radio controlled vehicles, show them off and resolve problems with them.
    It is also to inform members of up and coming meets.

    This forum is not a platform to abuse other members.
    No bad language of any kind will be tolorated on this forum.

    Nobodys Radio controlled vehicle is better or worse than anyone elses. Alot of time, effort and money has gone into these vehicles and is special to its owner. There will be no rivalry between owners of different makes and types of vehicles. It is the owners personal choice of what model they build, how they build it and what colour they decide to paint it.

    There is no for sale section on this forum.
    Members are strongly encouraged to sell their items on ebay, then post a link on the forum. This way you are covered by Ebay and Paypal rules and buyers can leave the appropriate feedback.

    Unless you are registered and logged in, you will be unable to see the entire forum.

    There is a ZERO TOLORANCE POLICY on this forum and anyone found inciting trouble on the forum will be banned instantly. No questions asked. End of story!. So please think carefully before posting.

    Now please enjoy the forum.

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